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Alonix is a sort of pacman in which you must eat all points in a maze
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Alonix is a sort of pacman in which you must eat all points in a maze to complete a level and get to the next one. All the levels are different, since they have a different shape and color. You also have to avoid a great variety of enemies, some of them faster than others, who in this case cannot be killed. You have three lives, but you can get more as you play. There are also a few bonuses like extra speed, more points, lives, etc., which you should catch before the enemies step on them and make them disappear.
What is more, the game includes 5 different missions of increasing difficulty which include approximately 15 levels each. However, the trial version only allows you to play the first two, but that's enough to see the basics of the game.
Regarding the graphics, they are simple and not really attractive. Sound effects are fine and the music is extremely repetitive and annoying.
All in all, Alonix is just another game to enjoy, which will certainly attract Pacman fans, but which leaves a lot to be desired regarding graphics.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Lots of levels
  • Different bonuses and enemies
  • 5 different missions


  • Not really attractive
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